Teacher Training/ Continuing Education

Wildwood is a Yoga Alliance Accredited School

We proudly offer:

* A 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Certification in Hatha, Vinyasa, Flow, and Sculpt

* Continuing education hours We offer

   Yoga Sculpt

   Yoga Nidra + Guiding others through meditation ( You will receive a book of meditation scripts)

   Alignment + Getting comfortable Adjusting students

   Yoga Anatomy 101

   Kids Yoga

    Reiki level 1, 2,

Free consultations to see how to take your teaching career to the next level. Just email us and we can set up an appointment.

* Working on developing a 300 hour TT


Feb. 1, 2021  Graduate May 25, 2021


Tuesdays 4:00-8:30 pm

Every Other Saturday 8:30-3:00 PM

 Price $3100

Early Bird Special $2900 ( If you sign up by December1st)

$500 non refundable deposit to save your spot  this goes towards your tuition


September 1 ,2021 end Dec. 28th

Tuesdays 4:00-8:30 pm

Every Other Saturday 8:30-3:00 PM

 Price $3100

Early Bird Special $2900 ( If you sign up by July 27th)

$500 non refundable deposit to save your spot  this goes towards your tuition

*Summer Mentor Program: Starts June 1, 2021 Graduate August 30,2021 Full

Will be a one on one training. Meeting 1-2 days a week. Cost $3,100 Early Bird Special $2,900 (Sign up by April 30th). This is of extreme value, the only training where it is all about you. Getting that quality time to really develop yourself as a teacher. In big group trainings you may feel left behind. Which is why I vow to always keep my trainings small. 

At Wildwood we use our creative and inspiring environment to explore the concepts of yoga and support the unfolding of your own inner teacher. We use classroom setting, outdoor experiences, and one on one techniques to allows you to dive deeper. We are committed to personal and professional growth, and to sharing the transformative practice of yoga.

What will you learn?

* History of yoga

* Meditation and how to guide others through it

*Brain waves, Chemicals, and how to influence them

*The 8 limbs

*Yoga mantras (ma=mind and tra=training)

*Train the mind to focus on the positive and be solution oriented

*How to release trauma and gain confidence

* Hatha 26 posture series

* Vinyasa SSA SSB and how to teach them

* One on one NLP, Deep meditation regression, Reiki sessions with Chelsea designed for your personal growth

*How to create a class with purpose

*How to cater to the students in front of you

*Which postures tighten or relax the whole body

* Practices to amplify, ground, and protect your energy

* Anatomy and applying it to postures

* Business of yoga

* Adjustments & Alignment

*Relaxation techniques to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system

* Finding your voice as a teacher

*Pranayama (Breathing techniques to influence your mental state)

and so much more...

Chelsea began training instructors in Sculpt, Hatha, and Vinyasa  in 2015. She started teaching yoga in 2010. She has practiced for over 14 years and holds thousands of hours of experience. She holds a 500 hour certification through Yoga Alliance.

She has designed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training  program, and  had it accepted by Yoga Alliance in 2017. And is working on a 500 Hour training program.

She understands everyone learns differently and implements one on one attention. So you gain maximum absorption of all information.

She doesn't stop at 200 hours, she stops when you feel confident in assisting others and leading a well rounded class.

She has studied the body, mind, and spirit deeply and loves sharing this information. She honors where yoga has come from and is thrilled about where it is going. Feel free to reach out about any aspect of yoga, or the training, and talk with her.

What sets us apart?

* Free yoga at Wildwood through out the training.

* The month after you graduate you get to teach at Wildwood to get in studio experience.

* Nlp (Nuero Linguistic programing) with Chelsea to help you shift your thinking.

* We begin teaching right away to help you cultivate your teachers voice.

*If you don't feel confident by graduate you get 1 on 1 trainings with Chelsea until you feel confident.

* Small group experience

*One on one trainings with Chelsea along with the group sessions

* and so much more....



We require that you take a class with Chelsea before registering.

So email us today and lets talk about your next step.


To pay your deposit click the link below.

Reviews from students:

What I loved about this training was...

"The community aspect of learning and growing together. The love and caring the whole group had for one another. Chelsea's grace and understanding for me, while still nudging me forward."


" I learned a lot about yoga, the history, anatomy, styles, postures, my body, and how it responded to the physical aspect of movement.  Most importantly calming my mind, my thoughts, and all the practice. Chelsea is a true leader, loved that she took the extra time to ensure we learned and went above and beyond."

"What I loved about this training was how you presented this class from a spiritual, anatomical, and physical perspective touching on everything I had hoped."

" I learned so much and did so much personal growth and development. I am a stronger healthier me after this training."

" The personal attention from Chelsea to help me grow as a person and teacher. Plus my community of fellow trainees has been wonderful. I wanted to gain confidence from this training and I feel so empowered with the knowledge and hands on experience you've provided."

- Jenny

" I loved the personal sessions, going through all the poses in great detail, meditations, and personal growth. I wanted to gain inner peace, and tools to be successful in whatever I choose to do. Yes I feel I have gained this. "

" I loved the community that was created. The support given by Chelsea and the other classmates. The training is well rounded and extends way beyond the basics of yoga."

"The heart work was amazing! I really feel like it's opened up a whole new door in life for me. I love how quickly we started teaching and the insight on leading other and teaching for the class not myself. This has been life changing in really really good ways. I appreciate the open dialogue in class and loved that we all contributed uniquely while also being guided by you. It was so much fun."


What I loved about this training was....

" How personal it was. It opened my heart and soul to a better way of living."


"The self work. I loved the journaling and promts. Your training helped me shed the pats of me that I had been holding onto. The parts of me that were holding me back. I feel more myself than I ever have in my life."