Teacher Training/ Continuing Education



At Wildwood we use our creative and inspiring environment to explore the concepts of yoga and support the unfolding of your own inner teacher. We use the classroom setting, outdoor experiences, and one on one techniques to allows you to dive deeper. We are committed to personal and professional growth, and to sharing the transformative practice of yoga.

What will you learn?
* History of yoga
* Meditation, the benefits, the science backing them and how to guide others through it
*Brain waves, Brain Chemicals, and how to influence them
*Philosophy of yoga
*The 8 limbs of yoga

*Yoga mantras (ma=mind and tra=training)
*Yoga Mudras

*You will learn how to train the mind to focus on the positive and be solution oriented
*How to release trauma and gain confidence
* Hatha 26 posture series
* Vinyasa, SSA, SSB, and how to teach them
* One on one NLP, Deep meditation regression, Reiki sessions with Chelsea designed for your personal growth
*How to create a class with purpose
*How to cater to the students in front of you
*Which postures affect which part of the body. So when someone says my shoulders are tight you will know what pose to show them
*You will learn Modifications to each posture
*Advanced postures

* Practices to amplify, ground, and protect your energy
* Anatomy and applying it to postures
* Business of yoga
* Hands on Adjustments to relax your client & correct Alignment
*Relaxation techniques to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system
* Finding your voice as a teacher
*Pranayama (Breathing techniques to influence your mental state)
*Chakra system and how the energy body is affected in postures
*Sanskirt names for postures

and so much more...

Chelsea began training instructors in Sculpt, Hatha, and Vinyasa  in 2015. She started teaching yoga in 2010. She has practiced for over 14 years and holds thousands of hours of experience. She holds over 800 hours of certification and trainings through Yoga Alliance.
She has designed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training  program, and  had it accepted by Yoga Alliance in 2017. And a 300 Hour training program.
She understands everyone learns differently and implements one on one attention. So you gain maximum absorption of all information.
She doesn't stop at 200 hours, she stops when you feel confident in assisting others and leading a well rounded class.
She has studied the body, mind, and spirit deeply and loves sharing this information. She honors where yoga has come from and is thrilled about where it is going. Feel free to reach out and talk with her.

What sets us apart?
* Free yoga at Wildwood through out the training.
* The month after you graduate you get to teach at Wildwood to get in studio experience.
* NLP / private coaching sessions with Chelsea to help you shift your thinking.
* You begin teaching right away to help you cultivate your teachers voice.
*If you don't feel confident by graduation you get to continue on with 1 on 1 trainings with Chelsea until you feel confident.
* Small group experience
* and so much more....
Email us today and lets talk about your next step.



200 hr Yoga Teacher Training
Hatha, flow, & Vinyasa
Starts September 5, 2023
Graduate December 12th
Every Tuesday 4-6 pm
Every other Saturday 8-2 pm
Price $3200

Early Bird Special $2900 ( register by June 1, 2023)
$500 non refundable deposit to save your spot  this goes towards your tuition.

Current Trainings:

300 hr Fall Training
Kundalini Fusion
Starts September 3,2022
Graduate February 28th
Schedule: Every Tuesday 4:00-6 pm
Every Other Saturday 11-3:00 PM 
 $500 non refundable deposit
to save your spot, this goes towards your tuition. 
Early Bird Price: $3,500 (If you register by Aug 1st)
Price: $4,000

200 hr Yoga Teacher Training
Hatha & Vinyasa, A Foundational training

Starts October 7th 
Graduate December 30th
Every Friday 9:15- 2pm
 Price $3000
Early Bird Special $2800
$500 non refundable deposit to save your spot  this goes towards your tuition

Private Training
Price $3500
Email me to go over days and times that work with your schedule.

Wildwood is a Yoga Alliance Accredited School
We proudly offer:
* A 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Certification in Hatha, Vinyasa,  and Flow
*A 300 hr Kundalini fusion
Currently offering private Coaching/ Mentoring



What I loved about this training was...

"The community aspect of learning and growing together. The love and caring the whole group had for one another. Chelsea's grace and understanding for me, while still nudging me forward."


"I love all the support and the many opportunities to grow upon our skills. I learned many things about myself and gained skills that have helped me every single day."


"I feel ready to teach and help others do yoga and heal!"

"I loved the support and encouragement. The opportunity to teach real classes was priceless."


"I loved learning how to connect the posture to whats happening within the body. I gained a better connection with my body, and learned to find my center when I am frustrated."


"You are amazing, a true teacher of the heart Chelsea. This was life changing for me. I loved the personal growth in ourselves and the group as a whole. I am ready to teach and want to do another training with you."


" A very well organized and presented training. Excellent pace. This has been an incredible experience in so many ways. I have loved all of it."


"I am grateful for what this training has provided. I loved being vulnerable, learning breathing techniques, postures, anatomy, and making new friends."


" I loved getting  to know everyone, learning about the history of yoga, anytime we did a group growth activity. I learned so much about myself and who I am outside of being a wife and a mother."


" I learned a lot about yoga, the history, anatomy, styles, postures, my body, and how it responded to the physical aspect of movement.  Most importantly calming my mind, my thoughts, and all the practice. Chelsea is a true leader, loved that she took the extra time to ensure we learned and went above and beyond."

"What I loved about this training was how you presented this class from a spiritual, anatomical, and physical perspective touching on everything I had hoped."

" I learned so much and did so much personal growth and development. I am a stronger healthier me after this training."

" The personal attention from Chelsea to help me grow as a person and teacher. Plus my community of fellow trainees has been wonderful. I wanted to gain confidence from this training and I feel so empowered with the knowledge and hands on experience you've provided."

- Jenny

" I loved the personal sessions, going through all the poses in great detail, meditations, and personal growth. I wanted to gain inner peace, and tools to be successful in whatever I choose to do. Yes I feel I have gained this. "

" I loved the community that was created. The support given by Chelsea and the other classmates. The training is well rounded and extends way beyond the basics of yoga."

"The heart work was amazing! I really feel like it's opened up a whole new door in life for me. I love how quickly we started teaching and the insight on leading other and teaching for the class not myself. This has been life changing in really really good ways. I appreciate the open dialogue in class and loved that we all contributed uniquely while also being guided by you. It was so much fun."


What I loved about this training was....

" How personal it was. It opened my heart and soul to a better way of living."


"The self work. I loved the journaling and promts. Your training helped me shed the pats of me that I had been holding onto. The parts of me that were holding me back. I feel more myself than I ever have in my life."

"This was the most transformative personal work I have ever done. When you guaranteed I would be ready to teach I thought I would be your student for years. Maybe the pupal to make you amend your promise. Instead I am graduating with confidence plus so much more than I expected. Thank you." -Jeffery

"I loved Chelsea's amazing energy and compassion. The groups loving and dynamic. How safe I felt as well as welcomed in spite of my lack of experience and yoga knowledge."

" What I wanted to gain from this training was confidence, and the answer to do I want to teach. I feel like I have gained this and Yes I do want to teach."

"This was life changing and because I am changed, this will create generational change throughout my family. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn, so much."

"I gained knowledge about yoga/history/meditations and confidence in myself through trusting what I know."  

"I loved my trainer, and learning about all the people in the class. All so interesting and inspiring in their own way. You really saw and wanted to see the best in all of us and truly wanted us all the feel at ease, comfortable, and capable to be who we are. Because it is good enough."

"I loved all of the self work and that we were all where we were and not forced to be where we weren't. Training was amazing I am sad it's over."

" I wanted to gain confidence in myself and learn how to write classes, and guide meditations. I feel like I learned all that and more."