We were very intentional about opening our Yoga Studio in the town of Granite Falls, Washington. Surrounded by mountains, rivers, and trees it was easy to see the potential of this small town. At Wildwood, our goal is to teach Yoga in its essence, with nature as our guide. We focus primarily on Deep Breathing, Stretching, and developing a Sound Mind. Our Yoga Instructor and Owner, Chelsea Rose brings over 10 years of teaching experience. After becoming certified in Bali, Indonesia, she has taught classes in Australia and led Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica, Hawaii, Montana, and Washington State. We believe by consistently practicing Yoga, you will positively impact both your physical and mental health. Our desire is to provide a healthy option to the community through Yoga.


Coming to The Studio 

Bring water and a yoga mat


If you don’t have a mat you can rent one for $2.00 or purchase one in the studio. 

No need to pre register, please show up 5-10 minutes early and we will get you all checked in.

Room temperature is 75-80 F'  

* Heat allows muscles to relax so we can stretch the deep tissues. 

* Heat helps the warm up process so we can get into melting down the fat           

* Increased heat means increasing your chances of sweating. Sweating is an excellent way to expel toxins locked in the body. 


DRINK WATER. A hydrated body is a happy body. If you are dehydrated you feel more fatigued and digest food slower. Help your body by drinking lots of water.


Yoga is a practice it is not about doing the pose perfectly. Don’t compare yourself. Enjoy the journey of getting to know your body. Some people are more flexible, some are better at balancing, and some are better at getting upside down. None is better than the other. 


Most important: Smile and have fun!