Hello, It's nice to meet you!

Chelsea Rose

I began my practice of yoga in 2006. I was just getting better from my right kidney mysteriously shutting down, planting me in Children's hospital. I became enthralled with how to heal the body. I was confident that if my skin can heal after a serious cut, I could create a healing environment for my insides. I would read about the brain, organs, and what food helped which organ. Yoga always seemed to creep up as a healing practice. Helping the mind and body become more unified. So I gave it a shot. It was challenging however I felt better after each class I took. I realized when situations in life got uncomfortable I would take deep breathes, which I learned in yoga class. After 3 years of practicing I decided I was going to get certified. I traveled to Bali, Indonesia in 2010 and submerged myself in yoga. Landing me in Australia afterwards where I got my first teaching job. Upon missing my family I ventured back to Washington state. Accepting a job at Hot Yoga of Mill Creek where I taught and eventually managed for multiple years. I have now been teaching for 9 years. I have taught yoga at retreats, certified instructors in different styles, and I've heard countless healing stories along the way. My job is a gift. I believe everyone has the right to feel comfortable and confident in their body. I believe health is a lifestyle and when you are healthy you have the ability to be truly  happy.  I hope to see you in class.

Sara Berlin

I discovered yoga on DVD while looking through my moms workout collection when I was 15. I have ebbed and flowed with my yoga practice and started taking classes at a hot studio when I was 23. As soon as I emerged, I stated I would never do that again. However, I kept taking classes and finally got serious in 2015 and got certified with Global Vinyasa At HYMC in 2016. I love teaching Vinyasa! In every class I want students to feel comfortable enough to try something new. The feeling of joy I get when a student finally gets into crow pose or camel for the first time is overwhelming; it’s the reason I teach. Yoga gets me out of my comfort zone and brings new amazing experiences and people into my life everyday. Yoga is more than just the perfect pose to me, it’s about cultivating a positive community, allowing students to find self confidence and calm their minds, it’s about creating a space free from judgement and maybe the opportunity to nap for an hour if that’s what you need.
I look forward to seeing you in class!

Lynn Moser

Lynn began her yoga journey in 2007 as a PE credit in college. She practiced on and off until 2013 when she discovered hot yoga. From that moment on yoga became not only a major part of her weeks, but part of her soul. Yoga saved her from depression, stress and crippling anxiety. In 2015 she completed her first 30-day challenge, and the day after the challenge she found herself still at the studio. Right then she decided she needed to become a teacher. The end of 2016 brought a major trial to Lynn’s doorstep when she lost her job on New Year’s Eve. Instead of looking at this as a problem, she decided it was a sign to take the teacher training. It was time to go forward with her goal! She completed her 200-hour training in March 2017. She has attain her Buti Yoga certification and has a blast sharing Buti with her community. She is so blessed, and full of joy, to finally be instructing others in their yoga journey and nurturing others as she was along the way. She thanks Chelsea as one of the many major players in her decision to become an instructor, and so many others for their years of encouragement and love along her journey, and looks forward to those she can inspire too. She can’t wait to meet all your smiling faces on your mats

Kirsten Michaels

I started on this yoga journey to help calm my very anxious very scattered mind. For me I needed a release from my overwhelming (at the time) responsibilities that come with being a business owner. I’ve

been working in the beauty industry for about eleven years now. Not only was my mind on over drive but my body as well. It wasn’t until an MD diagnosed me with tendonitis and there was talk of surgery

that I decided I was going to express all other options first. Yoga had been something I had dipped my toes into here and there and had always wanted to fully submerge myself “become a true yogi” not

having a clue to what that really entailed. Excuses were out the window. Time to do what I needed formy body and soul. Within three months of practicing avidly my tendonitis flair ups had quickly melted away. It was becoming clear to me just how amazing the art of practicing yoga truly is. Not only was I in less pain and able to support my work posture with a stronger spine it also helped me in a way I didn’t even know was possible. It helped quite my mind. Suffering from anxiety can be quite crippling to say the least. Finding my breath truly unlocked a completely new perception of the world for me. Having had such a powerful journey. I started to think “I want to share this with my loved ones. I want to help others cultivate their own beautifully healing practice. I started by taking a yin teacher training course back in March 2018. Immediately fell in love even more with the history of yoga and the benefits of the postures especially the power of meditation. I began teaching quickly completely terrified I jumped right in. Best decision I’ve ever made! Learning so much from each soul I had the pleasure to work with, witnessing their own growth and getting to be a part of such beautiful journeys I had a craving to learn more. I believe the universe helps guide us in so many ways helping to create path markers that led my journey to Wildwood studios where I had the privilege to acquire my 200-hour teacher training certificate through Chelsea’s program. What an amazingly challenging and rewarding experience! Putting in the work to heal my own soul so that I can become the best healer that I can be for others on their own journey. Wildwood offered me so much more than a piece of paper stating my occupation. It offered me a home a place to hang up my ego and my negative thoughts and surrender to heal. I knew from the moment I walked into Wildwood I was on my right path.

Tanya Antonelli

Yoga found me with an injury deep in my shoulder. It couldn’t have been more beautiful timing. I had come upon a repetitive use injury. I had run out of options for healing as nothing seemed to get deep enough to ever help heal. I had used the poses for years with massage clients to retrain muscles so I had a clear understanding of how it could help my body, but didn’t realize how much it could benefit in every area of my life. I started yoga and within 2 weeks I realized my shoulder could heal by showing up twice a week and practicing. After completely healing an injury that was believed to need surgery I was amazed. I kept showing up for several months and I started to realize that not only had my shoulder healed but I was changing in so many more ways. As I found strength to carry on in a pose that I found difficult I realized that it was teaching me strength in other areas of my life. Where before I might have found something difficult I might have moved on but yoga taught me the strength to continue on and the true clarity to realize what is worth giving your all and what is best released. This led me to want to learn more about all aspects that are yoga.  I wanted to share with others the gifts I had been given in yoga. Yoga is so much more than just a pose and I prayed for a mentor to share all the gifts. God is good and led me to Wildwoods teacher mentorship program. You see I am a visual hands on learner so I need a program that can help me learn using the proper method. This program offers just that a true and deep understanding of yoga regardless of your learning style helping you to feel successful as a student. During my training we were able to address any blocks to success that came up, identify where they came from and release them. One of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome was finding my teacher voice. I had some very deep anxiety and with anxiety you get easily into wanting to hide from the world. Which was causing difficulties in me using a strong proud voice, I got to a point that I wanted to give up, my teacher didn’t allow it and helped me find my voice and that was the compliment I received at my first audition. My new boss loved how quickly I got everyone to their mats and carried them through class. She said I had an amazing teacher voice especially since I was so new. I came here to learn to share yoga and in the end I was blessed with so much more. I overcame my attachment to severe anxiety because I received tools to help me navigate my mind differently. Internally I now stand in the face of my fears instead of running from them. This program was a game changer in my life. I am now able to share the gifts of yoga with my students. I also found confidence and pride within myself and for myself and as I found these traits within I see my kids following suit. I am so thankful to have been a part of this program it has been a true blessing in my life and not only in my life but those around me as I changed we all changed for the better. Thank you Wildwood.